A recent article in the Journal of Musculoskeletal Medicine reviewed the do’s and don’ts in patients with rheumatoid arthritis to help these patients function at their best.

  • DO rest for at least one hour in the afternoon when you begin to feel fatigued.
  • DO wear an orthothic device prescribed for you.
  • DO use and ice bag to reduce pain; apply a heating pad or take a hot shower to relax muscles before exercise.
  • DO use available devices to help you with dressing, bathing, cooking, working, and other activities.
  • DO make adjustments, at home and work, in your pace in completing tasks, to conserve energy.
  • DO apply for disability benefits if you are eligible or if you can no longer work.
  • DO perform muscle strengthening exercises once inflammation diminishes.
  • DO NOT stay in bed longer than necessary.
  • DO NOT continue to wear an orthotic device that is uncomfortable or does not fit.
  • DO NOT overdue exercise. Daily exercise in small amounts is best.
  • DO NOT continue exercise if you are sore for more than 2 hours following exercise.
  • DO NOT exercise a joint that is acutely inflamed.
  • DO NOT forget to exercise regularly when disease is in remission.
  • DO NOT stay at home all day; if you don’t go out to work, be a volunteer or join an activities group.
  • DO NOT keep your fears and concerns about your health, or feelings of sadness or depression, to yourself. Talk to family, friends, or your doctor.

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